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Feature-Rich Board Software

Feature-rich plank governance tools help you optimize meetings, improve governance, and reduce administrative complications. They enable a paperless environment and present easy-to-use applications for paid members and facilitators that can be utilized on any device.

Central file storage area with easy-to-use tools that allow get together prep to be done in a few minutes – building agendas, posting documents, submitting surveys, collecting votes, creating minutes and even more. These features eliminate the requirement for reliance upon email or other unsafe peer to peer methods and share a protect environment with built-in advanced internet protection.

A dashboard to simply display future meetings, planned polls and assignments, as well as to review previous meetings. This enables members to focus on preparation and the plank meeting alone, rather than finding a good moment for a phone, logging conferences and other management responsibilities.

Meeting Mins Builder allows you to quickly develop and share professional, formatted achieving or so minutes. You can importance existing mins from other events or generate a new an individual with our pre-installed templates. This helps to ensure that you are capturing all quite details through your board appointments and guarantees compliance with regulatory requirements.

Keeping track of every one of the action items that arise out of a mother board meeting may be difficult. With a task manager and simple guidelines from the dashboard, it’s easier to keep up with all the important work that needs to be completed between appointments. This will help the board to get more profitable and better prepared per meeting.

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